January 05, 2004

Skills for Life

I was musing the other day about classes I wish I had taken while in elementary school or college--skills that would've helped me in later years, had I taken advantage of the "free" training offered by my educational institution.

For example, while at State I could've taken judo as a P.E. elective--and trained under/with several Olympians.

Other topics that would've been nice:

  • Speed-reading
  • Woodshop (I took metal shop instead)
  • Home Ec
  • Espanol (I took French)
  • Various memory/lateral thinking/creativity techniques
  • Schmoozing

I guess a lot of these aren't individual skills--they might be just innate talents. You either have them or you don't. Like a natural ability to schmooze. Maybe folks who lack the EQ (in the Daniel Goleman sense) just can't learn such "soft" skills, but wouldn't they have helped if you learned them early on?

I was lucky enough to have had speed-reading instruction in the fourth grade. We were part of a special program, where every week we got to ride a little yellow bus to a central school in the district, and got tastes of such topics as botany, optics, library science, video production, and so on. Man, that must've been fun for the teachers. Prop 13 killed all that, though.

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