December 17, 2003

80s TV on DVD

At dinner last weekend with my college buds, we mused on what fave TV shows we'd like to see released as DVD sets.

My votes:

  • Miami Vice
  • The Equalizer

Vice is a no-brainer--as one poster on Amazon said, " was the Sex and the City of the 80s--for guys".

The Equalizer was a harder sell. Its undertone of political intrigue made it a more intellectual show than the usual spy/shoot-em-up genre. I loved the intros where he'd pick up his phone messages and there'd be someone looking for help with a stereo installation--kind of like the inside jokes Bart has to write 1000 times on the blackboard.

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Personally, I've been hanging out for 21 Jump St and (spinoff series) Booker for years.

Jump St was a great show, pure and simple, Booker went all generic 80s private eye, but with a nice dark cyberpunk edge - and you've got to love Lori Petty.

Posted by: Malach at December 28, 2003 02:16 PM
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