August 27, 2003

Tyson in K-1?

Geoff points us to a new development in Mike Tyson's career-- fighting in the K-1 full contact series. Tyson is an animal, but I don't think he'd do well outside boxing rules.

We've seen a lot of the "boxing vs. " matchups in the past--Bruce Lee deferred to Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of his time (and all time, I should say), stating, "He'd crush me." Gene Le Bell, who taught Lee some Big Time Wrestling moves, took on a boxer in a well-publicized match, and to most accounts, won.

Then there was the first UFCs, which billed themselves as pitting the masters of one art vs. another. Now, everyone in extreme fighting is like the other--cross-trained in striking and grappling and strong as an ox.

So if someone breaks Tyson's arm in a K-1 bout, will he go bite off an ear or something? We'll see.

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