July 25, 2003

Why this blog is here

I've been on the Web since 1995, with the Usability Methods Toolbox. That reference site works well as quick articles about each method.

I had dabbled with the blog format when I ran martialarts.about.com (MAAC). Blogging seemed like a better way to write about what I was interested in--new, interesting things in the martial arts.

I no longer had the time to write the epic, multi-page magazine articles I loved to do. The research, editing, lining up interviews, all of that took too much time. But About.com wasn't set up to do blogs--each MAAC blog entry was a self-contained article.

All that has changed after I've left About, naturally. They're even using MT too. Sigh.

Nevertheless, it's better to be independent.

Here, I'll post about all of the crazy things I find interesting--from martial arts to usability to design to programming. And MAAC is better off with Geoff at the helm--his fresh viewpoint will revitalize the site. Folks can always visit martialarts.jameshom.com for the Frank Dux article, or advice on choosing a martial art.

Thanks for visiting.

Posted by jameshom at July 25, 2003 03:22 PM
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discussion of martial arts

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